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Hate Cilantro? Your Genes are to Blame

Cilantro is an herb used in many meals, including many of our dishes here at Mad Dog & Beans. Some people pack it onto their food and others avoid it as much as possible. So why are there so many cilantrophobes but many cilantro lovers? If you’re one the many people that absolutely cannot stand cilantro, it might be genetic.

People often say that they dislike cilantro because it gives off a soapy aftertaste. According to SciShow, scientists conducted studies to determine what causes the polar opposite opinions to cilantro. Turns out, the cilantro haters all had a gene in common, OrgA2. This is an olfactory-receptor gene that affects our sense of smell and picks up the smell of aldehyde chemicals. A chemical found in both cilantro and guess what else? Soap.

For all those unfortunate enough to have this soapy taste, it really isn’t your fault, it's genetics. If you happen to be one of those people, we understand! You can always opt for no cilantro when ordering a dish at Mad Dog & Beans.

JUNE 15, 2017